UBot Studio v3.11002 – Edit, shell

Two new great features. First of all, you can now edit a command once you have created it, by right clicking the command and clicking edit. This will open up a parameter window like the first one that appears when you create a new command, but it will have the information stored in the command.

There is also a new command: shell. This will run an outside program, as though you were running it from the command line. This may help get rid of persistenet cookies, by allowing you to run programs such as ccleaner, but more testing is needed on this before we can call it universal.

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Success Story: Aaron Makes $437 by Selling a UBot-Made Bot!

While the main objective of UBot Studio is to let people make their own “custom tailored” bots without any programming skills, it is always fun to see people making a chunk change selling their generic bots – Made With UBot Studio.

I was pleasantly surprised and happy when I got this email from Aaron Nimocks with a screenshot of how much he has made selling a bot that took less than 45 minutes to make. And he is still selling it like hotcakes!

The reason I bought UBot was to make my own bots and then sell them. After watching the tutorials I realized with my minimal PHP experience that I could create tons of bots insanely fast.

For my first project out of many that were running through my head, I made a Twitter Blog Commenter. This bot only took me 45 minutes to make and I made $437 in 3 days on Warrior Forums!

I made well over what I invested in this software in under a day.

You can see the bot that he is selling here. Stay tuned for his screenshot of earning tomorrow.

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