Introducing UBot Secure

The biggest fear most people have when they start in online marketing is “What if I fail?”

Don’t worry: We’ve given you all the tools you need inside UBot Studio 5 to make sure that your automation plans will be successful. But there’s a worse fear that we all have:

“What if someone steals my idea?”

We’ve seen it happen dozens of times.

You know that crackers, hackers, scammers, thieves, and pirates are everywhere. People steal software.  And a smart cracker can break most security software that’s on the market.

That’s why we spent the last six months working with security and encryption experts to protect your scripts, through a revolutionary new online security and distribution service called “UBot Secure.”

If you’re signed up to UBot Secure, your compiled bots will automatically be protected. 

We use encryption technology similar to banks, with an algorithm that mangles the original script to be completely unreadable. Your ideas will be secure in the cloud, and only sent in tiny, encrypted packets to users who you have ensured have a license for that bot. The new version of the compiled bots are also coded in C++, which is much harder to reverse engineer than the previously used .Net.

The script tied to the compiled bot will be encrypted and you will be able to control licensing of your compiled bots, as well as deployment of updates, through a simple online dashboard.

Simply put: there’s no security system available with the protection and ease-of-use that you’ll find in UBot Secure. UBot Secure protects your script during the compilation process itself, and continues protecting it during use.



January 20 Update: UBot Secure now includes automatic API integration for Warrior Plus and e-Junkie!

6 thoughts on “Introducing UBot Secure

  1. i see in video
    license system is use ubot server, Right?
    is this service support IPN api ? so can automatic add buyer data when use payment service like jvzoo,2checkout,plimus etc?


  2. This sound like exactly what I need.

    - If someone gives out their email address and license key to an unlicensed user would deleting their record (email and key) from the list cause the bot to stop working or just delete them from the distribution list, or …

    - Would you instead just generate another key for that particular email address and have them download a new version?

    I guess there is no way to actually prevent someone from giving out the email and key but I really love this idea.

    Does it come with v5 or separate product? I don’t see anything on the site about pricing, etc.


    • Paul,

      Deleting their record would cause the bot to stop working.

      You would generate another key if you wanted – the version they’d already downloaded would work after that.

      No, if people want to share license keys that’s sort of the traditionally unstoppable form of piracy. But if you find out it’s happening, you can definitely stop them. And it’s going to be very hard to pirate your software after this.

      This will be an additional service that we’ll be offering to users of UBot Studio 5.

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