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UBot Studio and its creator, Seth Turin, have been featured in many business, technology, and marketing publications. For the full articles, click the logos below.


The Atlantic UBot Studio

UBot Studio…is an infrastructural piece of the botting world. It lets people like me program and execute simple scripts in browsers without (really) knowing any code.

Do you need 100 Hotmail accounts? I got you. Perhaps you’d like some set of links autotweeted? I’m there.

You want to scrape a few numbers from a government website or an online store? Easy. It’d take 10 minutes.

From “Welcome to the Internet of Thingies

There was no way I could go through all those genres by hand.

But I also realized there was a way to scrape all this data. I’d been playing with an expensive piece of software called UBot Studio that lets you easily write scripts for automating things on the web….I decided to use it to incrementally go through each of the Netflix genres and copy them to a file.

After some troubleshooting and help from Bogost, the bot got up and running and simply copied and pasted from URL after URL, essentially replicating a human doing the work. It took nearly a day of constantly running a little Asus laptop in the corner of our kitchen to grab it all.

From “How Netflix Reverse Engineered Hollywood

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…it’s so simple that a journalist (who has not learned to code) can do it.

From “Bots are Taking Over The Web



Digital Journal

UBot Studio’s built-in features empower users to avoid the hassles of automating tasks, while quickly turning their daily routines into applications. From managing data, creating stand-alone bots and using artificial intelligence to find and fill-out forms, to building and tracking thousands of accounts and more, UBot Studio allows you to save time and money while monetizing your ideas.

From “ UBot Studio 5 Empowers Everyday Marketers to Create and Sell Software


Forbes Logo

In the mid-90s, there were only 10,000 sites on the World Wide Web. Now there are 146, 482,197 (and counting). And now, we can make sense of all this information, thanks to search engines that use (ro)bots to crawl the Internet and return quality search results using complex algorithms in under a second. It’s quite humbling when you think about just how much automation has made life better for all of us.

From “A 200-Year Look At Automation And How It Has Improved Our Lives




How much time would you save if you decided to build an automated program to get the project done?

From “ 4 Ways to Prevent Costly Offshoring Mistakes



Entrepreneur Magazine Logo

According to data compiled by Ubot Studio, a marketing automation software company, ecommerce is a $200 billion industry in the U.S. that is projected to expand by 15 percent each year.

From “ The Rise of Online Entrepreneurs




UBot Studio 5 lets aspiring innovators create executable applications that can be customized to automate any repetitive or routine tasks including those for social media marketing, online advertising, market research, SEO and other functions.

From “Innovation and Web Inspiration




Comprehensive marketing automation systems are great for getting a better view into your SEO, CRM, PPC (and a dozen other important acronyms), helping you make sense of various stages of your campaigns and their effectiveness. But automating your marketing is not just about dashboard, charts, and graphs that give company executives a 30,000 foot overview of your marketing efforts. Automation is a boots-on-the-ground method to get back money that you’re leaving on the table at every level of your organization.

From “Vendor Spotlight: UBot Studio

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